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Transports in Italy


Air transports Links:
>   Airlines >   Helicopters services
>   Airports >   Corporate & Airtaxi
>   Enav - Air traffic service >   Enac - National civil aviation
> Taxi Service San Giovanni Rotondo to and from:
    Rome (airport) , Napoli (airport) a Bari (airport)

Train transports Links:
>  F.S. - Ticket reservations. >  Main trains timetable
>  Trenitalia > Tav SpA. High speed railway lines
>  Railway stations
>  Trains to Malpensa airport
Timetables and costs of the trains to Malpensa airport
>  Raileurope
Tickets for several European railways, including the Eurostar train.
>  Ferrovie Nord Milano
Is a private railway company serving the northern part of Lombardy.
>  Circumvesuviana
Is a private railway company serving the area of Naples and Mt.
 Vesuvio. (only in Italian)

Maritime transports Links:
>  Greatest maritime companies >   Assonautica
>  Island connections
>  Cruises

Lakes and Rivers Navigation
> Navigation Italy lakes
> Burchiello: Canal Cruise takes in sights of Venetian Villas.
> The river Brenta's boat From Padua through Venice and reverse with panoramic boats and motor-ships to 50 from 150 persons.
>  Navigation Ennio Taxi Boat - Lago Maggiore (comune di Angera)

>  Autostrade SpA. - official site of the motorways agengy, information
> services on every exit

Metro - Official Pages and useful links
>  Catania; > Genoa;  > Milan > Naples;  > Rome;  
>  Torino

>  Bus
>  Camper:  GIPI di Pietro Giglioli & c. s.r.l. - ROMA Via dei Monti Tiburtini, 400
>  Car
>  Scooter
> Renting with driver in all cities and airports of Italy









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