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The Position

RECOARO SPA is a very pleasant thermal Station at a height of 1.600 ft above sea level in the outskirt of Vicenza. It lies on the slopes of the Tridentine Prealps and it is ringed by mountains called "the low Dolomites" that are about 200 m. high. Tourism is well developed all year long because the climate is mild and the natural scenery is enchanting. The low Dolomites and the Massif of Pasubio permit Alpinism and mountaineering which are very diffused activities. In the zone of Recoaro Mille there are also modern skiing stations with international descent race tracks.

How to get there

By train: as far as Vicenza Station; by car: n° 246 S.S. that links Recoaro with Vicenza (mi 26). The "Serenissima" motor-way (exit at Montecchio) permits a quick connection with Venice, Padua, Verona and with the most important centres of the Po river valley. By coach: regular service from Vicenza; one hour.

Opening period

The Thermal Station is opened from May 1° to September 30°, from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The History

Recoaro thermal baths (from the latin Rivus Cotarius) that means "stream of whetstones) was founded by German farmers who had arrived here following Federico Barbarossa during his raids to Italy against the Free Cities. But its fame is linked to the discovery (1689) of a spring of ferruginous water rich in gas and tasting pleasantly, on the part of Count Lelio Piovene from Vicenza. The inhabitants of the place called it "Saint Anthony's miraculous water" because of its particular therapeutic properties. After the building of the first thermal complex (1780) RECOARO was attended by Austro-Hungarian nobility till 1866 (when Veneto was annexed to Italian Kingdom) and then by: Italian upper middle class. Even nowadays the town still has the ancient style of the past with its "Liberty" architecture and its gardens and it looks "une ville d' eau" (thermal town) that was so fashionable in 1930.

Kinds of water and their therapeutic qualities

Oligomineral water (spring LORA) hypotonic with a quick intestinal absorption. It provokes an intense diuresis because of the catalyzing action of mineral ions on renal functionality opposing to the over saturation of Soluti in urine and contributing to impede the aggregation of chrystal calcium oxalate. Mineral bicarbonate sulphate alkaline-earth ferruginous waters (springs AMARA, LELIA, LORGNA, NUOVA) thanks to the ions dissolved in them have effects agains mucosity and phlogosis and are regulators of intestinal functions. LELIA water is particularly used in chronic anaemia or in pregnancy and nursing because of its high content of iron. Mineral water used through inhalation is useful for the healing of inflammatory processes of the respiratory apparatus because it exerts a fluidifying action with an increasing of antibodies tipe IgA at the mucous membrane level. The inorganic material derived from the water sediment, ochre, is used in mud-bath therapy against arthropaties and rheumatic diseases of every kind. Middle mineral bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline-earth waters (CAPITELLO, FRANCO, AURELIANA, GIULIANA springs) are used for gastro enteric and renal diseases. Because of the presence of lithium they are used in bath therapy with neurosedative effects.

Therapeutic suggestions

URINARY APPARATUS DISEASES: calculosi, cystitis, pyelitis, pyelonephritis in acute/chronic stage, hyperuricaemia and in particular gouty diathesis.
DIGESTIVE and INTESTINAL APPARATUS: functional diseases of gastroenteric and biliary apparatus, calculous cholecystitis, hepatic diseases, muscolar dystrophy, duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis and diarrhoea, chronic constipation and inflamed colon.
RHEUMATIC DISEASES: primary arthrosis and post traumatic ones, arthritis, fibromyositis, tendon illness, peryarthritis and rheumatism.
RESPIRATORY and OTORHYNOLARYNGOLOGIC DISEASES: rhinopharyngeal inflammatory tuba-tympanic, bronchitis and sinusitis processes.
HAEMATOPOIETIC APPARATUS: want of ferro syndrome. Thermal therapies comprehend: baths, mud-baths, inhalations, aerosol, drinks of water.

Therapeutic facilities

All therapies are executed in FONTI DI RECOARO, Health Thermal Station.

Sport and Entertainments

Bowling- tennis-volleyball-riding-grounds, trekking, sporting fishing, cinema, theatre, discos. Moreover, all year long, there are several folk-touristic-sporting spectacles among which the most ancient and peculiar are: the feast of "Stria", Epiphany bonfire, the call of March: a folk parade of groups and cars held on the last Sunday of February, concerts and Italian opera. (May - September)

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